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Our services entail a wide range of topics in the field of corporate law. We are part of a widespread international network of highly regarded law firms (see below), which enables us to also assist our clients in other jurisdictions. As such, we provide a one-stop solution for almost every legal challenge or opportunity a company may encounter.


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  • Corporate law services: everything your company needs’’

We assist our clients in setting up new companies, advise them on the do’s and don’ts of corporate law and ensure that their corporate governance is always up to standard.


Advising on key issues such as director’s liability, shareholders agreements and ‘at arms length intergroup transactions’ is part of our daily practice.


  • Transaction services: we take care of the deal; from start to finish’’

Our transaction services entail the whole process of an asset or share sale and purchase deal, such as the (vendor) due diligence, conducting negotiations, drafting and reviewing sale and purchase contracts, arranging the closing and dealing with post-closing matters. Because of our extensive M&A experience, our work is always conducted efficiently and at the highest professional level.


  • Litigation services: when the going gets tough…’’

We are specialized in assisting you with complex commercial disputes and large-scale debt recovery. We also provide legal analysis of (potential) disputes and out of court dispute resolution.


  • ESG & Sustainability Services: Be prepared, be sustainable!’’

As a law firm we firmly believe that sustainability and sustainable growth are the only pathways to building a valuable and truly successful business. Companies of every size can make a genuinely positive impact on the environment and society. Therefor we focus on helping (small, medium and larger) companies engaged in sustainability, but also companies that have decided to change their non-sustainable way of doing business into a sustainable one. 


Nowadays the CSDR and ESG-rules play an increasing part in our work. In the light thereof we have partnered with the finest financial, strategic, and other experts from Rockwater Company to form the RWL ESG team, dedicated to helping companies with their ESG related challenges and opportunities and with the development of solid ESG strategies, making sure the company is and will remain ESG-compliant. 


Click here for more information about CSR/ESG & Sustainability (blog)


  • Insolvency services: in good and not so good times…we’ve got your back!’’

We provide legal counsel and representation to (creditors of) companies (or their directors or shareholders) facing financial difficulties, by helping them navigate the complex and challenging legal process of bankruptcy, restructuring and debt settlement.


Additionally, our flex team of legal specialists also render services in the field of IP law, labour law and compliance.


Languages spoken in our firm are Dutch, English, Italian, Hindi, German, Arab and Farsi.  


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One stop solution

Our strategic partner, Rockwater Company, is a business advisory firm with local presence and international focus, serving clients doing business in the Netherlands and abroad. Our services range from strategic, legal, and financial advice as well as other company related matters.



Meet one of our international partners: Business Law Chamber

Doing business in India

With an exceptional understanding of Indian law, a keen business acumen, and an internationally diverse team, Business Law Chamber (BLC) emerges as the premier Indian law firm with the best corporate lawyers in India to assist companies and individuals from the Netherlands looking to invest and explore possibilities of growth in India. BLC’s expertise in navigating the intricacies of both local and regional legal frameworks uniquely positions them as the go-to attorneys in India to support and guide clients in their business endeavors in the jurisdiction. As an emerging law firm in India, BLC ensures that clients receive comprehensive and tailored legal advice.


The firm’s international background and specialization in international law are additional assets that set them apart. With a team comprising diverse legal and cultural perspectives, BLC brings a global mindset to each client engagement, making them the best choice for handling international law matters in India.


This helps them understand the specific challenges faced by companies and individuals from the Netherlands, facilitating effective cross-border collaborations, mergers, and inbound investments in India. To conclude, BLC stands as the unrivaled choice for companies and individuals from the Netherlands seeking the best lawyers and corporate law firm in India for top-notch legal assistance.


Their exceptional understanding of Indian law, combined with their business acumen, international background, and commitment to client service, makes them the ideal partner for navigating the complexities of the legal landscape, outbound investments to India, and doing business in India. Invest in India with confidence, knowing that BLC is your trusted legal advisor.


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