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While publicly traded companies are subject to stricter ESG reporting requirements due to securities regulations, large private enterprises are also feeling the pressure to embrace ESG principles. As part of the supply chain for these publicly traded and/or large private companies, you will increasingly confront new challenges, as decisions to engage in business with you will be heavily influenced by your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) credentials.


Furthermore, consumers are now selecting brands based on their ethical conduct and their track record on addressing climate change. For consumer-facing businesses, particularly those in the retail and consumer goods sectors, the immediate impact of consumer preferences for responsible products and practices is becoming apparent. Companies that prioritize ESG values have the opportunity to attract socially conscious consumers and gain a competitive advantage.


Even startups and emerging companies are increasingly incorporating ESG principles into their business models right from the start. Many investors and venture capitalists view startups that demonstrate a commitment to responsible practices favorably, seeing it as a signal of long-term sustainability.


Financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, and investment firms, play a critical role in ESG compliance. They are subject to regulatory guidelines and are increasingly required to integrate ESG criteria into their risk assessments and investment decisions. Consequently, financial institutions are favoring businesses with robust ESG frameworks.


As a (not just another) law firm, we firmly believe that sustainability and sustainable growth are the only pathways to building a valuable and truly successful business. Even smaller companies can make a genuinely positive impact on the environment and society as a whole, and we are eager to assist you in that endeavor.

How can we assist you in making a sustainable impact?


The Impact Lawyers at Rockwater Legal have partnered with the finest financial, strategic, and other experts from Rockwater Company to form the RWL ESG team, dedicated to helping you: • Assess your current position, the challenges you encounter, and the opportunities available. • Develop your ESG strategy and create a plan for its successful implementation. • Ensure that your company is and will remain ESG-compliant. • And much more…


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