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Rockwater Legal is an independent Dutch law firm with an international focus. Our team of dedicated corporate lawyers and legal specialists provide high level advice in the field of corporate law, transactions and corporate litigation.


We have our own view of what a law firm should be: we truly believe in collaborative working and providing innovative solutions to best service our clients.


For us the law is a means to an end, not the holy grail to solve problems. We will not bother our clients with lengthy memos or unreadable contracts. Our aim is to come up with clever legal strategies and solutions that fully align with our client’s goals and objectives.


When advising our clients, we always carefully consider their business needs. But we go further. If there is an opportunity to help our clients grow and excel, we will be there for them. At no extra cost. As such, we have assisted many clients in expanding their businesses, finding new national and international business partners and creating new business models. When working with us you will not only have a trusted advisor but also a true business partner.


We are also a fully remote working office, so our footprint is small. We like it that way. While working in an office is still common practice for most law firms, we believe that working remotely is the best and most effective way to serve our clients, our people and our planet!

Our services


Our services entail a wide range of topics in the field of corporate law. We are part of a widespread international network of highly regarded law firms, which enables us to assist our clients with matters in other jurisdictions. As such, we provide a one-stop solution for almost every challenge or opportunity a company or business-owner may encounter. We take a proactive approach to protect and safeguard our client’s business needs. We are dedicated to solving problems, but like to focus on preventing them. As a result, we pride ourselves on being the trusted advisor and long-term business partner to a significant number of mid-sized and multinational companies in domestic and international jurisdictions.

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Our clients


Our client base ranges from mid-size companies to multinational corporations and large-scale start-ups in domestic and international jurisdictions. We are also a trusted sparring partner of several board executives and major shareholders.

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We are always open to meeting people who potentially fit our team. Fixed, flex, full- or parttime? We are open to different ways of working together.


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